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Pitching Seminars/Webinars

Webinar Series

Intermediate Pitching 201

Overhand Throwing 

Advanced pitching 301 

Breaking Pitches 302 

Spin and Ball Trajectory 304

Spin Reading 305

Seminar list

Beginner Level Pitching 101
Players & parents who are just starting out into the world of pitching.  Start here for a simplified version of pitching basics.
Intermediate Level Pitching 201
Dive into the Art of Pitching! Players, parents, and coaches eager to master pitching techniques. Join our webinar featuring exclusive video analyses of top global pitchers. Uncover the absolutes and variables that shape elite performances. From hip movements to arm dynamics, discover the nuances that shape elite performances. Elevate your understanding and revolutionize your approach to pitching! Ready to decode the secrets? Explore the complexities now! 
Instructor/Coaches Level 1  Pitching 301
Whether your an instructor or a coach or parent who wants to make sure they are teaching the right things or at least not teaching the wrong things.  Breaking down the mechanics of the top pitchers in the world and looking at their differences and similarities through each part of the motion. This seminar is geared toward pitching instructors or coaches looking to understand pitching and help their players perform better. Attendees will walk away with the knowledge on how to recognize vital timing and mechanical issues.  Check out our reviews from some of the areas top pitching coaches.   You will walk away with an appreciation of how complicated the pitching motion really is.  
 Prerequisite: Pitching 201  Click here to see a Promo Video here.
Pitcher's Mentality Class  202
This class is for players only. We will run the players through visualization techniques, talk about their response to failure, what is in their control, emotional toughness, physical toughness, and mental toughness, perfectionism, self talk, body language and more. Training the brain is one of the most overlooked skills in sports.  Your mind needs more work than you know!
Click here to see a Promo Video here.
Instructor Level 2  Breaking Pitches  302

An in depth look at spins, hand positions, posture, and movement of a variety of different pitches from the top pitchers. Change-ups, drops, curves, risers, screw balls and everything in between.  A look at various pitchers throwing in slow motion zooming in on hand and arm movements  Prerequisite: Pitching 301  

The Science Behind Pitching: Exploring Spin and Ball Trajectory 304

Unlock Softball's Secret Dance! Dive into our webinar, unveiling the science of softball movement. Explore the mesmerizing Magnus Effect, dissect spin rates, trajectory intricacies, and more. This isn't about pitches, or how to throw them (Seminar 302) – it's the magic behind the spin. Elevate your game with knowledge! Register now for a groundbreaking session! 

The Art of Self-Assessment: Reading Your Pitch Spin 305

Decode the Dance: Softball Spin Unveiled! Join our webinar for an exclusive exploration into reading softball spin. This session isn't about pitching techniques; it's about mastering the art of deciphering spins like a pro. Elevate your game by understanding the language of softball movement!

Overhand Throwing 210
Learn the correct sequencing of overhand throwing so you can help your athletes/daughter throw better.  Short-arming, hesitating, no legs, all things that can be helped with better drills and a proper understanding.  If you still have your team warming up doing wrist flicks or this seminar is for you! 
Click here to see a Promo Video here.
Hitter's Mentality Class  207
Players will run through visualization techniques, talk about their response to failure, what is in their control, swagger, & mental focus.  They will also see up close video of pitchers throwing to recognize spins and pin point their focus.
Instructors check out more seminars and our Developmental Program here!
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