Apr 25

#1: In the whole-part-whole approach, what do you feel are the most important PARTS of the entire pitch that would be best introduced to a

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Currently I take on new students for a 1x assessment for only a half hour. Moving forth if I go back to this full-time I will most likely make it 1hr. That being said I have to keep it simple and I usually work on the 2 most common things.

Hand Pattern in the arm circle. When I have a new student describe/show a perfect pitch back to me this is the one thing they always need improvement on. Once I explain how it is natural for the arm/hand to stay palm down at 3, palm to catcher 12, and palm up at 9 they then understand how much simpler and easier it is. Some of them were taught a different way, and some are beginners who just thought that was the way. I generally don’t have to talk about it after that unless they are doing it wrong. It’s important for kids who are doing it right to make sure they don’t start trying to do something different. I think the hand pattern sets you up for a smooth arm circle and for the I/R release. I generally don’t teach (or explain) the release at first. I let them do arm circles and it usually naturally happens. It may not be perfect but it gets them feeling like they just let it happen instead of purposely trying to I/R.

Stabilizing the Frame through release. Most (probably all) kids move as they show me the perfect pitch. Once I show/tell them about the shoulders and hips creating a frame and the different ways it might move they start to become aware of it. Once I can show them a video of a higher-level thrower keeping it still they trust it and are more motivated. I think it’s an easy concept for beginners and parents to understand and see that it needs to happen and how it helpful in learning better control (which all parents initially want “Just Throw it In There!”).

PUSH AWAY I always teach a beginner to push away from the mound in the first lesson. I believe it completely changes the timing of the pitch. And it’s crucial before we do anything else. I was reminded when I was just doing a Video Analysis of a beginner and everything from the beginning was timed poorly due to lack of drive.