STUDENT #1 LEXI,   CAME TO ME lAST YEAR AS A 15 YR OLD MASSIVE CROW HOPPER WITH ZOMBIE FOOT, WITH REALLY POOR POSTURE.  We've cleaned up the crowhop and comparatively cleaned up her posture but I think her lack of proper drive was hindering her from better posture.  So I send Esia these videos to see his thoughts.

STUDENT #2 Peyton - Came to me recently as a very large 12 yr old with lack of body awareness/control due to growing so fast.  Has poor drive and real strength (not big kid strength lol)

STUDENT #2 Reese - started wtih me this year and soo many good things going on except that leg swing.  You should see a recent video of her.  We were working on her knee drive and went a little too far.  I'll post it if I get a chance.